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Vacation, Resounding No, Daddies, and The Vansaders, 8/16, 2018@Monty Hall, JC

Thursday Trio

By Rose Lamela

Thursdays have been my Fridays for most of the summer as I get some nice perks at my day job. Last week was the end of that, and the feeling that summer is coming to an end was getting me down. There is nothing like a three-band line up at Monty Hall to cheer you up after a case of the end of the summer blues.

What could possibly cheer me up? Getting to see Daddies, Resounding No, and Vacation was all I needed to feel like I can take on the rest of the year.

Daddies gave us a little bit of their garage punk antics and even featured back up singers for a few tunes.

Resounding No brought me back to a more pensive place with their crunchy grunge sound.

Vacation was the final push for me to get back to where I wanted to be. They absolutely rocked Monty Hall. There were times I was scared I might get hit in the head with a plastic Fireball bottle, but it wouldn't have taken me out of the refreshed mood I inhabited as I shared my last summer week with a gang of rock misfits. It's the little notes and beats in life that get us moving on to what is ahead even if it's the possibility of a cold dreary winter.

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