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The Reality of 2017

At the end of 2016 I was feeling like I had lost something within me. It wasn't the feeling of a great loss but of something that was simply missing that just needed a little bit of polishing to figure out. I watched a documentary about sound engineers through the history of music. It reminded me of I how I felt when I went to Seattle to pick up the possible pieces left from the "Grunge" scene I admired so much in high school. I thought to myself,

"What would it be like to listen to music that has not been catered to me? What would it be like to search for it and find it in the darkest of local places?"

I got up and out of a stagnant corner and reached out to a local radio station I admired for years. In less than a day I received an invitation to volunteer at a place that I knew would forever change my life.

I started volunteering as a camera person in January of 2017 at the stations music hall. I was excited to be shooting as videographer since it's a great passion of mine. I didn't realize that it would be the loud live music and claustrophobic atmosphere that would wake me up. I never heard of any of these bands, but I would go home and obsessively look them up. As I did that, other recommendations came up in my searches, and then those bands would be at the venue. It was all interconnected. This was a world that I didn't know was out there. It was a world that's been circulating for decades and centuries through the cities of countries with their dingy spaces and their the stomping of passionate dancers. The DIY attitude, the great passion for songs, and the devoted students of their sound. It was 2017. The year I finally found it.

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