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The Decision to Move On

Updated: Apr 25, 2018

It was the dreary beginning of 2018, and the awful winter was well on it's chill. I was once again on the fence of what was next with this whole music thing. At this point my Spotify Discover Weekly had been infiltrated by some great music as I was truly following some of the best bands I have grown to love. I was no longer volunteering at the music venue and at this point it was time to jumpstart a new year. This time I wanted to venture out and see where it was all going down. I needed other small cramped spaces to grow in.

A good friend of mine came down to visit for the holidays and she had been photographing artists in Tel Aviv. She told me the tricks of the trade as I took all of her advice, especially the part of having to get over my hatred of social media.

"What do you mean I have to start using Instagram?"

We decided to take a drive out to Rockwood Music Hall in NYC on the coldest January day. It was so cold there was no one out on the street or at the venue. It was a very strange NYC night. I had no idea who was playing but I nervously entered with my camera and my obnoxiously huge lens I was still trying to use to it's full potential.

I broke out of my shell and went for it. I shot all night. Someone asked me if I was working for some magazine or music blog because I shot as if I was on a mission. I realized I was on a mission. It was to get the best shots I could of these two great bands I had never heard of before I walked through the door.

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