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Song of the Week

I would like to dedicate every Sunday to a song I either heard on repeat or has spoken to the kind of week I had. It's something I been doing for awhile, I'm usually obnoxious about it and send the Spotify link to friends usually or find myself playing it over and over again and saying,

"This is my jam this week".

After this madness it usually makes it to yet another Rosi Jams playlist . I am going to make an effort to stick to actually writing about it every week. Wish me luck!!

My song for this week is "Different Now" from Chastity Belt. It made it on a road trip playlist a few weeks back, because It appeared on my Discover Weekly and I liked the beat and the progression. I found myself actually listening to the lyrics this week and singing along.

It's been pairing well with an emotional week as I have been incredibly reflective. It's also a very positive song so it's helped me stay upbeat and hasn't dragged me down.

"You should take sometime to think about your life" keeps ringing in my brain, and the song has it in the lyrics. I don't think it's one of those serendipity moments or "It's meant to be", but every once in awhile, especially when you listen to as much music as I do, the lyrics will speak to you. This song did just that.

It's easy going sound also paired with driving which I got the chance to do a lot of this weekend. It played it a few times, and my mind felt a little more at ease. Check this song out to see if you can vibe with it:



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