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Screaming Females Part 2

I got my tickets for the February show at Monty Hall and I was not going to miss it for the world despite an undisclosed obstacle. I had annoyed a bunch of friends to listen to Screaming Females by being super obnoxious and creating a kick ass playlist on Spotify. Things changed in the whole year that passed. I had become a major fan and I was contributing to a music blog. I was officially a little over a month into the profession and I was hoping that there was some "Cool" oozing from my pours just in time for this show.

Task was complete. I got some tickets and converted some souls to come. The other big difference was I approached Marissa last year as just a singer of some band and now she stands on a "Rock Goddess" pedestal I created for her. Deep breathe.

I had tickets to one of 3 shows being played that weekend at Monty hall. I was asked if I wanted a ticket for the first night. I had stuff to do because I have a big girl job, but I rearranged things because my big girl job is not as cool as being a Screaming Females groupie. So I said yes.

I sneaked on in and planted my soul right in front. Of course I was super early again. This was my first time being a photographer at a incredibly anticipated show. So the pressure was insane. Still loving it though. Loving it until someone pushed my OFFICIAl ass onto the stage. I was mortified. Especially because I know Monty Hall films their shows. I did not want to go up to the band and say anything. I hurried out as soon as the lights when on.

Two days later I came back to the show I had originally bought tickets for. Despite my nerves and pure embarrassment, I went right up to Marissa. I gave her some prints from the earlier show and asked her to sign my favorite photo. She did not look at me funny, so maybe I get to be the girl with the camera and not the almost "face planted" groupie. This I can live with. Rock on!!!!

Screaming Females

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