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Screaming Females (Part 1)

It was February 2017 and our lady boss at the music venue was asking volunteers to sign up for shows. I noticed that a band called the Screaming Females had more than enough volunteers signing up and they had 2 back to back sold out shows. I had never heard their music even though the name sounded familiar. I was asked if I wanted to work it. I signed up.

When I arrived I was told that we would have to get up on the "Perch" because being on the floor will be difficult especially with the camera. I had no idea what to expect. the place was packed and the energy was intense. Spowder opened up the show, and they were amazing, but that is for another post.

Marissa got on the stage, and then two dudes by the name of King Mike and Jarrett. Yeah, I thought it was a chick band much like everyone else, but that was a passing thought because as soon as they started to play they blew me away. This was the first time in my life I was in the middle of what I would call now a "Real" indie scene. This band was extremely talented yet the tickets were 15 at the door and the venue is tiny. I always assumed bands for that price playing in a dark dingy space would be mediocre, but what do I know. I been listening to music I was fed all my life. A whole genre of indie that was 80-100 bucks a pop to get into the door. That's what I thought "Indie" was.

Doom 84 was the song that stuck with me that night. Watching the crowd jump in unison and head bang as if it was choreographed, I felt at ease in my own skin that night. I got that weird Deja Vu feeling that made me feel that whatever path I was on it was the right one. This new journey was about to fit perfectly.

I awkwardly went up to Marissa after the show and asked her the dumbest question ever.

"So which album is your favorite so I can start with that one".

She kind of looked at me funny and said, "Rose Mountain. It's the latest album."

I told her that I loved the show and walked away.

I obsessively looked them up the following day and found out she grew up in Elizabeth, NJ and went to my high school. I was so mad I didn't know that. I could of talked to her about that. Oh well, maybe I'll see them sometime down the road. For now I was just looking to shoot video of some cool ass shows.

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