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Rosi's Favorite Live Shows of 2018

Top 10

1. Screaming Females@Monty Hall, Jersey City (Feb 2018)

This band was my favorite band this year, and everyone around me knew as I played their albums over and over again. Screaming Females killed it on the last night of their 3 consecutive sold-out shows at Monty Hall. If you were there, you totally get what I am talking about. They played two encores which included "Jonah" from Baby Teeth. Marissa even jumped into the crowd while shredding as the cable wrapped around some guys neck who seemed not even to care. Monty Hall was packed to the brim, and the audience was extremely wrapped up in what this trio offered that night. It will remain burned into my brain FOREVER.

2. Screaming Females @Red Wheel Barrow, Paterson (June 2018)

We already mentioned that I love this band, but this particular show took place in a barn. It was incredibly intimate, and I bumped into some fans that I got to know from other shows. My favorite moment was when I got there. One fan looked at me mad serious and said, "Are they really going to play here? Is this really going to happen?" It totally did. They kicked ass in a barn.

3. Spowder @Monty Hall, Jersey City (Feb 2018)

Spowder played their hearts out as Screaming Females' opener on the magical Monty Hall third sold-out show. I swear there were no breaks as each song seemed to collide into another. Health Palm was already one of my favorite albums in 2017, so to get to see them do it live got them to #3 on my list. I still can't get over how lead singer, Declan McCleary, has to push the cinder block up against the bass drum constantly because Jenna Fairey just keeps kicking it out of place.

I didn’t bring my camera that night, so I used the photos from their show @The Colony for the video clip

4. Operator Music Band @Alphaville, Brooklyn (March 2018)

On one of my adventures when I got sent to the BK to cover Trace Mountains, I bumped into Operator Music Band. I was never a big fan of 80s synth pop or anything like it, but this band sucked me in. They first got my attention as the band had no space on the tiny little stage with all their instruments. I loved the combo of noisy guitar on top of Moog synthesizers. Because of their performance I have had their latest album, Puzzlephonics I & II, on repeat all year.

5. Ulrika Spacek@Baby's All Right, Brooklyn (Oct. 2018)

This was another band I discovered this year. Due to their slight resemblance to Radiohead, I was sold. I got tickets for their show way in advance, so the anticipation killed me. It was worth the wait as their eclectic projector-lit show fit the vibe of this band and their studio albums. After seeing them live, I stopped comparing them so much to Radiohead as they really have their very own original presence and sound.

6. Black Angels@White Eagle Hall, Jersey City (April 2018)

This was my second time at White Eagle Hall, and it was for another band I fell in love with this year. This Austin band has quite the light show and the coolest fans. Everyone was just enjoying The Black Angels trance-y rock and psychedelic images. I was able to get some of my first good photos at this show as I enjoyed an amazing encore which ended with "Comanche Moon."

7. Parquet Courts@Public Arts, NYC (June 2018)

After attending quite a few venues that were dark and off the beaten path, I will never forget walking into "Bougie" Public Arts and thinking, aha, there are little places with light!!! I also was heavy into Parquet Courts at the time. It was all I listened to in the summer. They deliver live. They played all my favorites from their last album, Wide Awake, which I think is their best album to date. This show also had 5 female photographers which I had never seen before. It was nice being a part of that.

8. The Shacks@Monty Hall, JC (August 2018)

This was one of the most surprising shows of the year. This band is a must-see live. They go off on jams that are not expected as much of their music is super mellow. Their retro outfits and instruments are so fitting to their sound. You got to hear "Birds" live!!!

9. Ought@Market Hotel, BK (June 2018)

This was a great show at one of my favorite venues. It was summer. It was the NorthSide Music Festival, and I was in the front. To get to hear Ought do "Beautiful Blue Sky" was why I get in the car for hours, get lost and hope to find my car after the show. So worth it!!!

10. Long Neck@Monty Hall, JC (Dec 2018)

There are possibilities this won't be my last show of the year; but if it happens to be, I'm OK with it. To get to see Long Neck for a third time this year was a pleasure. This was by far their best live show that I had the opportunity to say I was part of the audience.

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