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Raining in Baltimore.

For the folks that grew up in the 90's, you might of heard of the song from Counting Crows "Raining in Baltimore". It's super sad and makes you want to jump off a cliff or play it on repeat as you go through old photos on Facebook and think about all the good days with someone that has just left your life.

It rained most of the weekend and I happened to be in Baltimore through the flood flash warnings and the cancellations of our plans to hang out and see local art. My soul needed to get out of the house and despite the dreary weather, hanging with good friends was what rain brought me. The reminiscing, bouncing of ideas and the worries I brought to a friend I have known through thick and thin for over 2 decades put me back into place. The catching up with her amazing partner in crime who have I have grown to love through the years made the heavy feeling in my chest disappear.

I woke up this morning to a sunny Baltimore and the laughs of a couple cooking breakfast renewing my faith in love and strength. These two amazing women in my life recently celebrated 7 years together and I get to be part of their funny banter and great hospitality. Love is not easy and it takes work and a certain special compatibility that keeps the glue of each others existence on the same path.

I headed out with a belly full of good food and a happier soundtrack in my car. It can rain every time I'm in Baltimore and I don't think I would mind, for it's the company it brings that makes it a special place. I will never listen to the song again, mainly because I don't want to jump on a cliff, but it has no place for me on my breakup playlist. Keep on raining Baltimore because the sun needs to come out eventually, but if you need to take a listen give it a go:


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