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I few years back I landed my first full time videography job in an institution of higher ed. At this point I had no interest in photography. My dad was a photographer and was always trying to push me into it. I didn't want to have anything to do with it. My only experience was shooting silly photos with disposable cameras and then a dinky Canon Powershot I had no idea how to use. I had no eye for composition. I would cut heads off, get blurry shots and the subject matter had no soul.

While I was working at this new job I was told I would have to take photos of events. I remember saying,

"I'm really bad at photography".

I was handed a Nikon D700. This thing was serious. It was clunky and extremely scary because it was the real deal. I remember taking a photography class and the teacher snarled at me for buying such a professional camera when I had no idea how to use it. He became a little nicer when he found out my job gave it to me to learn on.

I would take this camera home all the time and play with it. During the summer I would take it to Asbury Park and I would find myself shooting photos of musicians on the boardwalk. Sometime around that summer I fell in love with the Nikon. A pretty damn expensive brand of camera to fall in love with but it became an extension of what I see around me.

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