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Parquet Courts Played Public Arts, 6/9/18

Wide Awake

By Rose Lamela

I am a new fan of Parquet Courts. I know... super late to the hype. I've been hearing about them throughout the year, but I've never put them on my playlist. When I was asked to go to Public Arts to get a few photos, I decided to listen to their new release Wide Awake.

The title is perfect for this album. I listened to them for the first time on my morning commute. My commute consists of a strong cup of joe to get myself ready for a busy day. It woke me up to a new band that I was excited to experience live. I played the title track a few times, and I started my day on overdrive.

Public Arts is a beautiful venue in Manhattan. It has a classic stage set up with bright red curtains that made me think of some of the jazz clubs I saw in New Orleans. It was hard to find the entrance, but the early birds parading their band t-shirts gave it away. I followed them in and got a good spot. I was surrounded by quite a few photographers. The coolest thing was they were almost all women. This is rare in my limited experience, but The Future is Female, so rock on.

The band opened up with "Total Football," and the fans sang at the top of their lungs. Parquet Courts are one of those bands, in my opinion, that sound better live because their energy would be hard to capture in a studio album. Sean Yeaton, the bassist, swayed his head from side to side and I swear he did not take a break. A. Savage's vocals sprayed the room and the fans were taking it all in. It was one of those shows that slides perfectly in with a Saturday night, a night that should always be filled with rock and roll and the love that comes with it.

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