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Music? Photography? What next?

Updated: Apr 25, 2018

It's late January of 2018, and I decided to start reaching out to music blogs because I am definitely going to need some help with this new adventure. I have no idea what I'm doing. I could at least create a path to the music somehow. Let someone tell me where to go. In the meanwhile I can listen to some great music. I started looking through blogs and I reached out to the ones that fit the scene I wanted to highlight. I received an e-mail that said:

"I can get you passes if you want".

"Passes to where?'" I thought.

I took a deep breathe and went to a random show. I came back with photos and I shared it with the blog man. No response. Now what? Music? Photography? What Next? I started to follow the blog and try to match the highlighted bands to upcoming shows. I finally found one and the band was playing Sunday night. That's a school night, but on my new adventure we have to get past that. I let him know I would be at the show and he seemed interested that I was going. Even was thinking of going himself.

I nervously showed up and shot way too many photos. I also really enjoyed the show. This became an ongoing theme. Enjoying the music and doing something I love at the same time. These shows also had about three acts. At this point I'm guessing if there is a heaven it's gotta be something like this. Maybe add the original Pink Floyd lineup performing the whole album "Animals".

I crossed my fingers and sent the photos. The next day they were up on the blog along with my name and FLICKR link. Oh crap!! I better take the photos of my Mom's birthday down, because I'm officially cool!!!!


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