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Math Rock

Updated: Apr 25, 2018

I made my final decision to go ahead into this new photography thing. Thank the Bajesus for the internet!! Being almost 40, I can say I lived a portion of my life without the "Information Superhighway", but have no clue how to live without it now. I thank the computer gods for all the info out there. Want be a magician? Easy, there's a whole forum on it. Want to be a bee keeper, go for it there's videos about it on Youtube. Want to be a concert photographer there is literally a step by step process.

So the good student that I am, I followed the process. Step 1, find a venue that allows photography, which brought me to BoonTunes in good ole Boonton, NJ. Step 2 Learn about math rock.

I went into BoonTunes and I was the oldest person there which was a little rough at first, but I stayed. There were a few bands on the bill and they fit this genre I have never heard of called "Math Rock" Right away I was floored by the talent of these bands. It's not my kind of music, but the talent to play such odd time signatures should never go unnoticed. One band after another had my mouth to the floor. I was terrified to push through the crowd in this very small venue. I stuck to a corner for most of the night, but managed to get some decent shots. Now I need to read some more info on how to push through a crowd!!!

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