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I'm sorta official

Updated: May 3, 2018

I got the gig I think? I'm sorta on the right path? This feels like me. Just like it felt when I was on the perch back at the music venue. Is it me? I have always loved music. Photography has slightly replaced my vision lately. I'm merging the two, so I think I will keep going forward and not look back.

I had a free weekend and I needed a purpose. I reached out to a Cool dad I know, and asked for a suggestion. He tells me to go to White Eagle Hall in Jersey City and cover a band called The World /Inferno Friendship Society. His famous last words were something like,

"Get ready for a crazy show"!!.

My first guess was, they are probably a hard core band, or maybe a punk band. I ain't afraid of no ghost!!! I got this. I take a quick listen, and they are nowhere near hardcore. I have no idea what he was getting at. Maybe it will be packed. I will get there early. Oh, and did I mention this was the first time I ever got a press pass!!

I get to White Eagle Hall super early. I have a tendency to be the first person in the door to every event. I blame my super punctual parents and their teachings about a good work ethic. White Eagle Hall is beautiful. I stood there in the front of the stage in awe. A gentleman comes up to me and makes sure I have a wristband for the balcony. He gives me a brief tour as if I was legit. Is it my obnoxiously large beast of a camera, or am I sort of official. I have a badge, my sweet Nikon, and a pep to my step as I feel like I belong.

I'm right in front snapping away and then I get crushed against the stage. Some random 20 year old stomps my foot and my DOCS are no longer as hardcore as I thought. I turn around and almost get kicked by some random millennial jumping from the stage. I was pretty damn scared. I ran my OFFICIAL ass to the balcony. You got me running World/Inferno. Thank goodness for that wristband.

The World/Inferno Friendship Society

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