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Habibi Record Release at Market Hotel with Ice Balloons and Champagne Superchillin', 2/15/20

Saturday Nights In Brooklyn

Words and Pictures by Rose Lamela

Habibi had their record release party at Market Hotel this past weekend, and I was there to finally see them play live. I had been listening to "Angel Eyes" from their latest release Anywhere But Here a whole bunch before the show. Its trance-y sound sticks in your head, and you will find yourself humming it throughout your day. It was time for my ears to hear it live.

I love Market Hotel despite its challenges with lighting which becomes a little stressful for a photographer. It's something about the vibe there and the train running behind the bands that has always intrigued me. Getting to see a good line up there makes it all the merrier.

Ice Balloons opened up the show, and I got into their noisy electronic sound immediately. I especially loved the song "Surface." Its drone-y sound made me investigate their album Fiesta on my ride back. The lyrics were screamed into a mic by lead singer Sean Kennerly who was wearing a ratty fly mask. Songs like "Wasp," which were accompanied by fast bass riffs and electronic fillers, filled the dark venue and muffled the sound of the nearby trains.

Champagne Superchillin' came on next and changed the vibe completely. They had a funky groovy sound that complemented their retro outfits. I especially dug the song "Fragment" from their album Destino. They are a pretty fun band to see live and will make you brush up on some of your French to get down with the lyrics.

Habibi came up next dressed in white jumpsuits. They delivered a great live performance playing some of their best tunes like "Tomboy" and "Sweetest Talk." I was especially happy to hear "Angel Eyes" and "Come My Habibi." The place was packed, and I could feel the floor moving as their fans danced and sang along. They brought out a Valentine's Day cake with a sparkler onto the stage to celebrate their album release. Lead singer Rahill Jamalifard thanked the fans and shared that she was playing despite not feeling very well after coming back from a trip. For someone who wasn't feeling well, she totally delivered.

It was a delightful night in Brooklyn that inspired a playlist with music from this 3-band lineup to accompany me on my commute this week. I suggest you check them all out!!

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