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Cayetana : One of Their Final Shows@ Music Hall of Williamsburg with Katie Ellen and Bacchae,8/2/19

The Influence of Female Rock

Words and pics by Rose Lamela

Growing up, I had many female idols that contributed to the music I loved as lead singers and songwriters. Their posters filled up my bedroom walls. Even though I looked up to them, there were always more male-dominated bands that I was drawn to. I spoke of all my favorite male guitarists and drummers. I also had a habit of calling all female bands "girl bands," but I never called some of my favorite bands "guy bands."

Today, I find myself going to tons of shows that have more women on stage. It was noticeable to me at first, but I realized this year that I have become desensitized. I expect to see women in most bands and not just singers, but shredders and drummers too. One of those bands is the Philly trio Cayetana. It helped that they wrote a break-up song called "Scott Get The Van, I'm Moving" which joined me for car rides with the windows down and yelling lyrics into the North Jersey traffic. I was inspired to attend one of their live shows that ended up being one of their final shows. They are not a "girl band" either. They are an indie rock band!!

I drove to Brooklyn with a great co-pilot that made the hour drive go as smooth as the organic conversation. We laughed and talked about things that we feel passionate about and the crazy world we live in. We got to know each other better. We have been seeing each other at shows over the years and bonding through social media, but the car ride solidified our friendship. Mr. Hoboken Jack was around when I first started this journey during my days as a volunteer at WFMU -- my journey into finding the great indie scene within the walls of small intimate venues.

We got to Williamsburg, and I had the opportunity to be introduced to Bacchae's music. They played their swift and fast DC punk music. They woke me the hell up as I was chugging some caffeine on the way in to make sure I was present for a much-anticipated show. I especially liked the songs "Dig" and "Prick." I love when opening acts start the show off with a rush of noise.

Katie Ellen followed with her stories weaved into lyrics and music that hit those frequencies that make your heart buzz. She shared a story about meeting [Cayetana vocalist / guitarist] Augusta Koch at a music festival and their conversation about forming bands. She expressed her appreciation for Cayetana and getting to be part of their farewell tour. Katie then closed her set with a song that escalated towards the end for a little bit of a jam session. I regret to report that I do not know the title to that tune even though I really enjoyed it. It was a nice intro to what would come next. The final Cayetana show in Brooklyn.

Cayetana took the stage and the crowd at times yelled, "Get back together!" and "Don’t go!!" Their fans expressed their disapproval of the band's announcement to break up. The show was packed with attentive listeners that sang along to Cayetana's sometimes painful lyrics. It was a packed show, but everyone was incredibly mellow, and it felt like a reunion at times. I saw people finding each other in the crowd and talking about the last Cayetana show they went to. I was so happy to hear songs like "Am I Dead Yet?," "Bus Ticket," and "Hot Dad Calendar."

Cayetana expressed their gratitude to their fans for being there at every show and supporting their music. They came back and rocked out "Scott Get the Van, I'm Moving" as their encore; and I actually got a little emotional. That song should be the anthem for anyone who has felt it is time to hit the fucking road on a relationship!!

We picked up an extra body for the trip back and walked back to the car to find a ticket on the dash. The parking Gods were not on our side, but the banter and stories were plenty. When there is a car full of music lovers and humorous expression, things can only go right. Friday nights in Brooklyn will never get old. Friday nights with friends will always make life feel new again.

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