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B Boys Played Zone One at Elsewhere with Operator Music Band and Goodfight, 1/18/19

They Notice Us, Too

Words and Pictures by Rose Lamela

Many times I go out to shows that are suggested to me or to something I randomly pick because of the venue and the distance of travel. I go to shows, shoot photos, share photos, and write a few words that get put out into the universe. They notice us. Sometimes we will get a smile, or a "Hey, where are you posting those photos?" Sometimes you will get a thank you on social media, a repost with a photo credit, or a nice "Hello" at the next show they see you at. Last year, I got a "We will put you on the guest list next time you come out." I took Operator Music Band up on that offer this weekend.

I took them up on the offer because, since I saw them live last year, I have been listening to Puzzlephonics I & II and Coördination a bit too much on repeat. This is a band that takes me out of the box I put myself in musically. I don't usually go for a sound like theirs, but there is something about having a noisy, sometimes atonal, guitar disrupting the even flow of synths and beats that makes me keep listening. I am also very attracted to their sudden changes in some of their songs like "Communicator 4."

The show was in Brooklyn somewhere over the Williamsburg Bridge. It was at Elsewhere on the first floor which they call Zone One. It was my first time there, and I was rather impressed with the venue despite the challenge of shooting in the dark.

Goodfight opened up the night; and, when I saw the bassist Andrew Forman walk in with a sweet pair of bell bottom plaid pants, I was not surprised the band delivered a very melodic "Old School" funky reverberation. The tambourine theatrics of Annique Johnson and David Zyto's lead guitar brought their sound together as the funky bass and drums completed their set. I have a feeling I might be seeing them again.

Jared Hiller came on the stage next and introduced Operator Music Band as a "Band." I'm not sure if people there knew what that meant, but there were a lot of positive reactions and sounds coming from the crowd especially during the song "Requirements" off of Puzzlephonics I. For me, it was nice to see them after knowing many of their songs and being able to enjoy it more as a fan than as a new listener. They are quite the "Band."

B Boys ended the show with their fast-paced riffs and smiles and laughs to one another as they enjoyed the show as much as their fans did. They reminded me of something that rocked the 80s airwaves, but I could not put my finger on it. I especially enjoyed the song "B Boy Anthem." Sometimes, when I hear these nostalgic sounds, I feel like maybe I didn't quite miss out because I was too young to rock when it made its original debut.

They notice us when we are around. We capture the music and some of our predecessors not only helped artists make history, but also were responsible for giving that history a face. Sometimes you find out they are fans of the publication you are a part of, and that makes the drive across the Williamsburg a little less bumpy.

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