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Music is the love of my life. It has been from the time I was 8 years old and wanted to play the guitar like Ritchie Valens after watching Lou Diamond Philips impersonate him. The excitement of listening to a whole album of a band I love for the first time is a thrill uncomparable to anything I have experienced in life. Pissing all your friends and family off by playing the same Pink Floyd album to driving everyone crazy with my "Rosi Jams" mixed tapes. It has helped mold the memories in my mind, and has made the tears fall easier. It's an escape like no other. It's what makes the road trip or the sharing of a live show connection with someone who loves the same band. It's what puts a strut in my walk, and an easier feeling in my gut. Waking up to the bells of "Time" or air guitaring the solo in "Alive" all these progressions and notes have made me who I am.

Music is my best companion through the unknown trials of breathing and walking through life.

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