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In the fall of 2017 I was asked if I wanted to photograph the show I volunteered to shoot video of that day. I happen to bring my camera as we were going to try to snap some photos down at exchange place of the Freedom tower with the 911 memorial light on. I was told to shoot the opening act, but I was freaking out. I had my 50mm 1.8 lens but I was super nervous about shooting in a dark environment without a flash. I had become highly dependent on my flash at this point and really wasn't shooting anywhere with challenging lighting. I was told they just wanted a few photos and just do the best I can.

"Do the best I can? What if my photos suck?'

I shot a band called "They Live, Exclamation Point." I sort of knew the lead singer so I really did want to deliver. Sometimes the need for approval still haunts me in my adult life. Thank god as an adult I can afford therapy!!!

As soon as I started shooting it didn't matter anymore. I felt like I was part of something. I had become part of a team of artists that loved to try to capture the energy and moments of a live music performance. You are in the front as the monitors are blasting into your every step. People move out of the way as they assume you are important. You shoot and shoot till you get something. Something that gets the music across in a still image. Something that tells a piece of the story. Even though the complete story is in the presence of where it all happens, someone should be there to bring you the highlights in silence.

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