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2018 is about to be done...

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Even though it’s just another calendar date, I subscribe to the reflection of the year on New Years Eve. I love looking at the lessons of the year and the hope for the following year. I love making New year’s resolutions, and laughing at how many I don’t actually achieve every year realizing the more you plan the more you fail as life should be a little more organic. When we let it be, the possibilities are ridiculous.

2018 was a great year despite some of the pain of clarity I received. I rolled in 5 years of a past promise to myself, and had new people come and go as life lessons. I gained a new side project that has served a purpose beyond belief, and have become clearer on how I see my life and therefore my future. I didn’t question things as much this year as I did other years. I accepted my fate and started to value my health in a different light. Despite the feeling that the years go by fast, this year went by super fast. I can’t say that about other years, but remind me if that becomes common in my year end posts. I heard as you get older things seem to go faster. Maybe it’s because you sleep more!!

I look forward to a new year of familiar faces and hopefully new souls walking in. I look forward to more music and more typed words. I look forward to more firsts and more of the same. I look forward to living my last year of my favorite decade so far with no regrets. I look forward to not crying on my 40th bday and to enjoy what it is that life feels like I deserve.

I wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year’s!!! Don't drink and Drive and support your local music scene!!!

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